Windhorse Software is a small custom software development company, providing development and architectural leadership services to small and large companies alike.

Our principal developer is David LeBlanc, a senior software developer with over 15 years of experience in various industries. Past areas of expertise include: provisioning and identity management, green tech and energy efficiency, aerospace, and domain name management.

We have provided valuable services to both small startups, and multi-billion Fortune-100 companies. While the challenges and problem domains may differ significantly, there has been much common ground from which to leverage modern engineering approaches successfully.

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Focus and Approach

Navigating the landscape of modern software development choices can be daunting to say the least. We can help cut through the uncertainty to recommend lean, efficient and pragmatic approaches specific to the particular challenge.

It can be an expensive proposition to get caught up in chasing the next promising technology, only to find it's got a different set of tradeoffs that don't end up delivering any better than what it aimed to replace. At the same time, there are real innovations being developed right now. It takes real in-the-trenches experience to be able to discern the trendy from the revolutional.

With Windhorse Software, you'll find the solutions presented are battle-tested, and have proven themselves to be highly suited to the task at hand. In particular, we are very focussed on maintaining developer flow - this often under-appreciated facet is a primary factor in maintaining high developer productivity. There are nuances here however, as many approaches that start out fast don't necessarily scale up as the project size grows.

In this age of micro services and container based deployment models, there is a new focus on the creation of lean, resource efficient services. This is no trivial matter, as it can translate into savings of many thousands of dollars a month, even for smaller deployments.

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